Five very brief videos of fantasy characters playing Cubicle and Careers. Eek. Funny, yet profound in how little passion or purpose there is. Poor fantasy characters just want a quest with meaning and a chance to use their magical gifts. Wait. That’s kind of like us mortals.

I have not been to this blog for a very long time. Very long. Thank you, person, who actually subscribed today. Got me here checking in, perusing through the posts, and I must say, I like my bad ass attitude that sort of hints its way into some of the posts.

My regular blog places are different. I’m gentler, more compassionate, and less likely to say ‘get the f*ck out of the cubicle’ if it’s not where you want to be.

Truth is, my life has been insane the last several years. Serious illness, extreme difficult times, an outsider looking in wouldn’t want my life for a second, yet somehow the ‘outsiders’ all support me and say I’m inspiring. I’m grateful for that.

So, if you are an unhappy cubicle dweller reading this… if you knew my life story, you might just think “I’d better stay in the cubicle. At least if anything goes wrong, I’ll have sick pay.” But here’s the thing. If I’d stayed in the corporate world, I would have not had to use every last penny and more to get through a serious illness. If I’d stayed in the corporate world, though, I would have missed discovering what I am capable of, and I would have missed winning an award for innovation in building creative communities, or gathering a world of people around me who are kindred, creative, eclectic, fascinating, curious.. and who shocked me by how much they have supported me through such difficult times. I would likely have missed training to be a tall ship sailor, which happened just last year, as a way to celebrate life after craziness. Worse, I would have been an incredibly broken worn out person if I’d stayed in the corporate world. It just wasn’t where I was meant to be.

And so, I have asked myself, “Now that all hell broke loose and you aren’t in a very good financial position at all and your world is not exactly stable, do you wish you hadn’t left the corporate cubicle?” The answer is always a resounding NO. I do NOT wish I hadn’t left the corporate world.

In my case, one of the ‘worst case scenario’ situations happened to me. Yet, I’m here. I’m happy. I know I will be okay, even if I don’t necessarily know how… because I made it through tough stuff. A whole world of people helped me, which I could not have guessed would happen. Seems to me it’s impossible to know the future or what might happen if things go wrong. We can stay in a place that feels safe, but be unhappy; or we can make changes and have some faith that we’ll be okay, and be happy.

So, dear cubicle dweller if you want to make changes, here’s some options for you to consider:

1. Is there a way you can make the cubicle dwelling job better? First response likely a no. Consider getting a life coach to help you really look at the whole picture… there may be things you aren’t seeing that a coach might see. For now, don’t instantly eliminate the possibility that where you are could become better. There was some good reason, or good skill or something that got you there in the first place. A little creative thinking might actually make where you are, where you want to be. Bizarre, huh?

2. What would you really love to be doing? If you aren’t sure, again get a coach (I am a coach.. this is why I know how incredibly life changing coaching can be) If you do know what you love, you could just take some small steps towards pursuing that dream. Small steps might be doing a little research. Or doing a little painting, or a little writing, or taking a wilderness training weekend… whatever it is that makes your eyes sparkle at the thought of it. Keep the job for now, but give yourself permission to start pursuing those other interests. Doing nothing won’t reveal what is going to be the answer for you. Do something.

3.Apply for other jobs that you would like. EVEN if you don’t feel qualified. What the hell… you’ve got nothing to lose. Maybe in the process of creating your resume to suit those jobs, you might discover you are way more qualified and talented than you’ve been giving yourself credit for.

4. Leap. Just say “F*ck it” and leap. What I often see is people so afraid of having not enough money, they fail to notice that they actually are quite well set. Between RRSP’s, employment income assistance, money tucked away, equity in homes, they often do have enough to take some time pursuing that dream. I know; Not everybody does. And leaping can be scary with nothing. So find a way to have a little something, then leap.

5. Go back to school if there’s something that interests you. Get a student loan. Oh well if you have to pay it back. You’ll figure it out. So much easier to figure things out if you are doing what makes you happier.

Finally, do you really want to be sitting at that desk at age 65 saying, “Wow, I’m so glad I spent 40 years of my life hating what I do?” I don’t think so. I think you are worth so much more than that. SO MUCH MORE.

If you do nothing else with this post please do this:

Repeat after me: “I am worth so much more than this!!”

If you are in your cubicle, you could say it really loud, all day long, and get yourself some stress leave.
That’d be a good time to play with things you love.

For every “I wonder why…” that you contemplate, see if you can come up with a bizarre and unusual answer.  Sure, also come up with the explanation that might be scientifically accurate.. like why is the sky blue according to science.. but THEN, to inspire your beautiful creative mind.. come up with another answer.. the bizarre, or fantastical, or anything that connects the seemingly disconnected.

It’s good for your creative thinking. And creative thinking? It’s the way to get answers from the soul.

Haiku by a cubicle dweller

In my cubicle I sit.

Envying the dead.

2 more hours to go.


Contributed by a friend, who heard from a friend, etc.

Sad. True.  Time to take responsibility and make changes. Everybody deserves more than this.

How I love Monday Mornings!

My monday mornings start with a hike with a group of friends – climbing, huffing, puffing, chatting. Today’s hike was in the foggy hills, it was exhilirating.  And a funny thing happened as we walked. We realized each of us used to hate Monday mornings.  We used to work 9-5 jobs.  Now we hike Monday mornings.  We all still work.. just differently.

Jealous?  Ya, I remember working and seeing women out for a run and wishing it were me.   Okay, maybe this post isn’t cheering you up. Sorry. But honestly, your life can be different.  And it will be!  (picture me enthusiastically cheering you on!) You, too, can hike on Monday mornings!

In the meantime, imagine it. Oh, and get a coach to get clear, create plans, and get going.   Mondays don’t have to suck anymore.  What’s your dream?

When all else fails…

ask yourself “how can I make this funny?”

No. Wait. I take that back.  Ask yourself this question before all else fails!

An article worthy of taking that extra click:  office bullying – it exists, and you may recognize it when you read the article. 


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