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So,  here’s the thing.  For every ‘study’ and newly discovered ‘fact’ based on research (research that some creatively brilliant person concocted to get him/herself a whopping grant), there is another study saying the opposite.

Choose wisely. 

You like coffee?  Good, because there’s a lot of research now that says its good for you.  And off on a tangent that could be another long essay but isn’t going to be:  If you truly believe coffee is good for you, then it is. Your body responds to your thoughts. Now it’s been hard for people to believe coffee is good for them because of the inundation and obsession with discovering and announcing and advertising of every thing ‘bad’ for you… but okay, finally coffee is good for you. There ya go.  If you don’t want to drink coffee, just don’t. Lay off the spiel of how bad it is for you. Nobody cares. 

Back to the original tangent:  Here’s where you can choose wisely in justifying your time at work.

Recent studies:

Study #1 Published in Chatelaine this month… study says that employees who take 15 minute breaks throughout the day  by playing on their computer (games, surfing, facebook, etc.)  ARE more productive than those who don’t.

Sudy #2  Recent study..(I think I have this one posted in previous post) says that employes who multi task -Ie; moving from email, to phone calls, to writing papers, to facebook, to …etc etc  TAKE about 15 minutes transition time between each tasks, thus wasting billions of dollars for those poor employers.  (do go find the link to this one… what I’ve said is just a tidbit)

Use #1 to justify computer play.

Use #2 to justify refusing more crap to your workload, or when you refuse to answer the phone, or the emails, or the front desk.

Get it?   Whatever you want to do in your job, find the research (or make it up on the spot if necessary) to justify it.   No doubt the research you make up will exist. You will intimidate your boss who likes to think he must be more ‘up’ on human resources than you since you are a lowly cubicle worker – but of course, he never does upgrade his knowledge and he knows it, so you will really intimidate him with this.     or she if she’s a she.

Apparently some companies are constantly scanning everything you do on the computer.   For them I wish bankruptcy and for you an incredible new opportunity.  In the meantime, make sure some of your emails include the research that justifies what you do.   Fun.

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“Hey, how’s it going?” I ask cheerfully and I hear a whisper saying,

“I hate my fu–ing job”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Not going well, huh?”

and the whisper again, “they shuffled the cubicles and the person next to me keeps listening to all of my calls.”

Okay, now that’s offensive don’t you think?  If a person is going to be stuck in a cubicle, the other stuck people ought to be more considerate.  After all, do they want everyone to listen to all of their calls?   ………  hmmm….. I have an idea.

YES THEY DO!   So DO it!  After each of their calls comment about the discussion. 

As for your calls,  Make them loud and juicy!   What the hell… it might as well become a game.  Who can make the most loud, juicy personal calls and get fired or stress leave first?

You know if you can’t change it right now, then make it fun.  Somehow, some way, make it fun.

ps. my friend who reads this.. go play at thinkgeek.  link is on the right.

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hmm.  My other blog has a lot of hits.  This has… umm… maybe one a day on a good day.  And that is surely my friend.   I KNOW!!  YOU ARE ALL ON HOLIDAYS!!!   Hurray!!!

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I’ve just received the affiliate link to the educational center where I trained as a coach.  Since I spent the last two days camping in the boat access only area of Shuswap Lake….  on the water, floating, swimming, hiking, playing cards, lulling in 40 degree celsius weather, and one really big big storm that was heavenly, I am feeling very grateful.  Grateful for my daughter and grandaughter who camped with me, grateful I have the boat to get to this area, grateful for the universe for creating storms of that magnitude, grateful for feeling and being safe in such a storm, and grateful for the way I have set up my life so I can be camping midweek if I like. 

So here’s where I trained. I honestly am grateful to have taken my coaching training here… over the years, by being involved in the global coaching community, I have really come to understand why it ranks so high.  Coaches with this training are well trained and they get to go play in storms if they so desire!


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and I don’t have air conditioning.  Feeling a little too warm to sleep.  Windows wide open, house is full of bugs who will find their way to the light fixtures, fry themselves, then one day I will look up and see the globe is full of dead things and I will be grossed out.  Being an entrepreneur, I’m more likely to put my money into marketing than air conditioning.  So, you see, being in the cubicle with a regular paycheck has its benefits. 

Being there only for money isn’t usually the most empowering reason.. unless, gathering that money is towards an important passion or dream or goal.   

And if you have a deep yearning to leave because you know there is something else you have a calling to do.. then yes, it’s time to find the way.

BUT, if you have air conditioning, and a few complaints about your work / workplace, but are complacent about leaving:  you could do some creative perspective shifting.  I don’t mean make up some positive statement and try to believe it. You could actually do some digging.. find out if you can make any changes regarding those things that are bothering you. If you honestly can’t, find out how you can make changes in your thinking or your way of working that can improve things… EVEN make them fun.

Brainstorm with a friend, do a mind map, get a coach.   

A very cool technique for coming up with new answers involves letting the right side of the brain play:  (best when you involve others in this exercise.. trusted coworker, best buddy…)

1. pick 4-5 very random words.  maybe a couple of nouns and couple of verbs. Do that before you read the rest of the instructions.  Jot the words down now.

2. choose the issue

3. Resolve the issue by brainstorming, but  using the 4 – 5 words as key words.  It’s going to get funny.  But let’s pretend you get $1000000 for finding the answer.   You will be amazed that you will come up with very creative and effective answers that fortunately bypassed the traditional same old same old thoughts.  

One group I worked with resolved the ‘i’m tired of cooking for family’ with ‘it’s okay to let the kids do cooking and dip their carrots in chocolate.’

What happened is that they realized more flexibility for the kids, would encourage the kids.  And chocolate dipped carrots was a heck of a lot better than doing all the cooking yourself.

Tired. Hot. Going to bask in the starlight. Pretty sure it’s cooler out there now.

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Man, I hope you aren’t in an office on these hot summer’s days.  Okay, the benefit could be air conditioning.  But lakes and rivers are much more fun.

There ARE benefits to summer work – half the co-workers aren’t there.  Ideally the boss is gone, too.  That gives you much more freedom to explore other things besides work while at work, unless of course you’ve been dumped all of their work, and ‘somebody’s going to notice if you don’t actually do any of it.

ouch, that sucks.    So, what can I say to cheer you up?  I guess mentioning my whole day boating and floating and skiing and reading and hiking to a waterfall isn’t the thing to chat about right now?  Nor the fact that I did this on a MONDAY! 

Damn, I like my job.

Sorry. I’m not being very helpful today.

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It’s bad for you.  Well, no, actually it doesn’t even exist.   Read on, my friends.. learn how you can be more creative and efficient by not multi – tasking.

There’s more than a couple of possible benefits for you readers, 1. you get fired for refusing to multi-task.  2. your work environment actually changes and makes you happier.  3. you come up with a creative idea that will work to get you out of the cubicle and into your life.


Happy Monday. Uh huh

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