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Sometimes the dynamics of an office that hasn’t been functioning well for a long time starts to crash and burn.  People suffer.   Crashing and burning just isn’t fun EVEN if you consciously know that this is the  only way for things to finally change …since all else has failed despite honest efforts.   I sincerely hope most readers haven’t ever witnessed this; have never been in a toxic work environment; and have never witnessed the chaos of the crash and burn stage.. when everyone feels reactive, threatened, defensive, confused, and exhausted.   

Even the healthy people who have been working hard to respond, rather than react, are just too darn tired to get a clear picture of what could help anymore.  

 I believe there is a phrase that says ‘ sometimes a person has to hit bottom before finally quitting drinking.”   Perhaps the same phrase can apply to an organization where the environment has been too toxic to even ‘think’ itself into a more sober state.   They hit bottom, and hopefully recuperate from there.

Ya, I hope you’ve never been there.  If you are there, though, and in this minute quitting isn’t an option, then know this:  It will not always be like this.  Visualize a much healthier future.  It will happen.  Whether you leap, or whether the crash and burn results in a healthy rebuild.. you are not in this crazy unhealthy space permanently.


Make up hysterically funny reasons why you are glad to be there.

Go look at creative cubicle toys at Thinkgeek again.   (link on side)

Using the following phrases to write a poem, short story or sketch:
spiral silver, sewing needle,  ancient wisdom, squirrel-like.

Do whatever it takes to give yourself a moment of humour or creative  pause.   Just one moment of funny or playful or lightness (even if the humour is a bit nasty) can heal a lot of moments of dis – ease.

Remember: it won’t always be like this.

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