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In my cubicle I sit.

Envying the dead.

2 more hours to go.


Contributed by a friend, who heard from a friend, etc.

Sad. True.  Time to take responsibility and make changes. Everybody deserves more than this.

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My monday mornings start with a hike with a group of friends – climbing, huffing, puffing, chatting. Today’s hike was in the foggy hills, it was exhilirating.  And a funny thing happened as we walked. We realized each of us used to hate Monday mornings.  We used to work 9-5 jobs.  Now we hike Monday mornings.  We all still work.. just differently.

Jealous?  Ya, I remember working and seeing women out for a run and wishing it were me.   Okay, maybe this post isn’t cheering you up. Sorry. But honestly, your life can be different.  And it will be!  (picture me enthusiastically cheering you on!) You, too, can hike on Monday mornings!

In the meantime, imagine it. Oh, and get a coach to get clear, create plans, and get going.   Mondays don’t have to suck anymore.  What’s your dream?

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