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ask yourself “how can I make this funny?”

No. Wait. I take that back.  Ask yourself this question before all else fails!


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An article worthy of taking that extra click:  office bullying – it exists, and you may recognize it when you read the article. 


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I really don’t watch TV much. But when I do, there are always digs on every show that has a cubicle, about hell in the cubicle.  Pretty much sets a standard to hate your cubicle.  Of course, they are playing to the general population who really don’t want to be in a cubicle all day.. but what if you actually liked showing up to your cubicle? What if you liked your work? What if your boss isn’t an idiot and your co-workers don’t have square eyes? What if no one is big brothering your email?   Do you still feel some sort of pressure to hate your cubicle?

I’m just curious. I don’t actually know anyone who likes their cubicle. But if you do, congrats. Add that to your list of what makes you special.  Haven’t made that list?  oh, goody, another thing all of you can do to while away the cubicle day AND trigger thoughts on how to get the hell out of the cubicle- well, except those of you who don’t want to leave.  Honestly, you ought to celebrate that.

And you can celebrate by buying christmas lights that are powered via USB. How cool is that?  I love Thinkgeek.   Just got the latest newsletter full of insanely creative goodies for cubicle dwellers and actually anybody who likes insanely creative goodies.  Link is on the left.  See? → → → → →. never mind, it’s refusing to show up there. And it’s not even an affiliate link that wordpress sometimes attacks!  so here it is: http:www.thinkgeek.com

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Hello Cubiculites!  

Need an instant lift that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol.. since those aren’t allowed in the workplace?

Breathing technique from India … powerful method to

  •  calm self,
  • unclog fuzz in brain, (you know the stuff that settles in the moment you walk into the cubicle) 
  • connect right and left brain thinking.  

1st attempt at instructions:  

  • Cover one nostril with your thumb, breath in through other nostril for the count of 4 seconds. 
  • Remove thumb and cover other nostril with pinky, and exhale for 8 seconds.  Breath in for 4 seconds,.
  • Move finger to cover other nostril, breath out for 8.  Then in 4.. etc.

 2nd attempt at instructions.    in 4.  switch. out 8  in 4. switch. out 8 in 4. switch.   

Do a rotation of 4 times.  Build to a few times a day. Or just do it.. whenever.. if I give you a bunch of rules it’s just going to seem like a chore, or worse yet, exercise!

Maybe I need to do a youtube video on this one.  (oh, now ain’t that gonna be pretty.)

Really it’s easy. and frickin’ powerful.    You’ll notice one nostril is more plugged than the other… that apparently indicates the side of the brain that is more fuzzy (at that moment.. not necessarily always)    The breathing will connect and clear the brain.  You will function better.   

Decisions will come clearer.   Like… ‘how the hell do I get out of here!!” might actually result in an answer, instead of simply being a desperate plea!

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Good morning cubicle survivor!   

Today we reveal an excellent resource that is sure to get you out of the cubicle as often as you want.  You can even use it to arrive late and leave early!

Go to the dollar store.   Purchase a very professional and official looking “Hall Pass”     Then wander around your office space or outside whenever you want, and IF some busybody asks “What are you doing????”   just flash your Hall Pass.  Make sure you give them the cocky looks that says, “stupid question, busybody.”

If your dollar store doesn’t have these,  cut out an oversize ‘bookmark’ out of cardstock and write HALL PASS in big bold letters.  

If you desperately want one of mine, well.. leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

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