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Five very brief videos of fantasy characters playing Cubicle and Careers. Eek. Funny, yet profound in how little passion or purpose there is. Poor fantasy characters just want a quest with meaning and a chance to use their magical gifts. Wait. That’s kind of like us mortals.


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For every “I wonder why…” that you contemplate, see if you can come up with a bizarre and unusual answer.  Sure, also come up with the explanation that might be scientifically accurate.. like why is the sky blue according to science.. but THEN, to inspire your beautiful creative mind.. come up with another answer.. the bizarre, or fantastical, or anything that connects the seemingly disconnected.

It’s good for your creative thinking. And creative thinking? It’s the way to get answers from the soul.

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I really don’t watch TV much. But when I do, there are always digs on every show that has a cubicle, about hell in the cubicle.  Pretty much sets a standard to hate your cubicle.  Of course, they are playing to the general population who really don’t want to be in a cubicle all day.. but what if you actually liked showing up to your cubicle? What if you liked your work? What if your boss isn’t an idiot and your co-workers don’t have square eyes? What if no one is big brothering your email?   Do you still feel some sort of pressure to hate your cubicle?

I’m just curious. I don’t actually know anyone who likes their cubicle. But if you do, congrats. Add that to your list of what makes you special.  Haven’t made that list?  oh, goody, another thing all of you can do to while away the cubicle day AND trigger thoughts on how to get the hell out of the cubicle- well, except those of you who don’t want to leave.  Honestly, you ought to celebrate that.

And you can celebrate by buying christmas lights that are powered via USB. How cool is that?  I love Thinkgeek.   Just got the latest newsletter full of insanely creative goodies for cubicle dwellers and actually anybody who likes insanely creative goodies.  Link is on the left.  See? → → → → →. never mind, it’s refusing to show up there. And it’s not even an affiliate link that wordpress sometimes attacks!  so here it is: http:www.thinkgeek.com

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If you think Janet Whitehead is me the blog owner, you could be right, you could be wrong.  But if I were Janet Whitehead, I would refuse to take responsibilty for advising you to throw hard marshmallows at idiot coworkers and other such tips in this blog.  It’s so un-coach like.

And so I invite Janet Whitehead to introduce an exercise that can help you find your way out of the cubicle.

Hello, I’m Janet Whitehead – personal life coach with expertise in creative thinking. (Note from blog owner: ‘And we all know it could take some creative thinking to get you out of your hell hole.’)

 Try this activity. (Note from blog owner – ‘If big brother is watching you and asks what you are doing, you could answer “doing a creative technique to create the most efficient money making task list for the company. Sir!”)   (“Stop interrupting, blog owner!” says Janet)

Again, Try this activity:  You could probably google ‘101 tips for leaving your current job” and get all kinds of tips.  This is not what this is about. Someone else’s tips might give you some inspiration, but as a life coach, I know you are a creative resourceful being who already has the answers. I just help you find them.  This exercise is a stream of consciousness creative exercise.  It’s going to allow your right brain – which is full of brilliant ideas, but rarely speaks – to share some of its insights.  Really.

Get pen and paper.  Computer and new doc works too.  Heck, you can even do this in a comment at the end.

Number 1 – 101.  OR you can simply number each item as you go, but you must convince yourself that you are obligated to do 101 items. (NOTE: if you just got tired thinking about doing this… perk up, sunshine. You’re wanting to make changes – this is going to tell you what they can be. You’ve got answers. You deserve to find them.)

Now write 101 ways to leave your job.  That’s a lot. That’s going to make your logical left brain give up.  Your right creative imaginative brain is going to have to take over (as long as you insist to yourself that you will do 101 ideas.)  Give yourself some time… but do not write a few items, go for lunch, come back do a few more, leave again, etc.   This just isn’t that type of exercise.

When you get to #4 or thereabouts, and you are finding it hard to write more, you can be silly. As soon as it gets hard to come up with the next one, concoct ‘ridiculous’ ideas like  “Fine. I could just walk out right now and not come back.”   Or ‘silly’ ideas like “I can marry a rich man/woman’ or  ‘impossible’ ideas like  ‘get a grant for emerging writers and write a book’ or write silly non-idea stuff like “this is just stupid.”  or “Janet schmanet” or  … well, are you getting the picture?  The point is to keep writing.  And just watch what emerges. 

When all is written, you will have some new ideas of how to make changes in your life.  Even better, or if you are still not having an ‘aha’ or two, share the list with a trusted friend – one who supports you and is non-judgemental.  Sometimes a friend will ‘see’ clearly what you cannot see – right there in your list!

Honour yourself by choosing to take some small step  towards your future of not being in a cubicle suffering holiday re-entry syndrome while playacting that you are a good happy efficient employee.    Life is good. Live it.

contributed by Janet L. Whitehead.   Musings and Mud – The Coaching Studio.  www.musingsandmud.com

Thanks for stopping by, Janet!  Happy exploring, readers!

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Before I leaped from the corporate world, I did spend some summers stuck in an office, counting the minutes to the end of the day so I could go boating, counting the minutes to a couple days off for camping, and counting the minutes until vacation so I could really escape with my young family.  That was a lot of ‘minute counting.’

I understand September in the Cubicle. I understand that one suffers ‘re-entry’ after vacations.  Somehow you know you gotta survive til next year’s holidays.

That’s kinda depressing.  Re-entry sucks.

If ever a quote fits, this is it:

“‘Life’s too short’ is repeated often enough to be a cliche, but this time it’s true. You don’t have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It’s not just pointless, it’s painful. Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
Seth Godin, from his book, Tribes

My leap wasn’t simple or easy. It would have been awesome to have a life coach help me see the whole thing clearly. My leap was a roundabout, bizarre, series of … stuff.  If I’d had a life coach, I could have always been taking tiny steps towards making the change. I could have had a clear image of what could work or not work. And I could have avoided a rather grand portion of my ‘thought time’ that was stewing over  ‘how the hell am I gonna get out of the cubicle?” without getting a hell of a lot of answers.

Hmm, this post was supposed to be a light and entertaining welcome back to the cubicle!  I screwed up.  Do you feel any better knowing I understand and am empathetic?

I’m sorry you are stuck in a cubicle.  I have faith you will find a way out.  OH, check out this post… 101 ways to leave the cubicle for good. https://outofthecubicle.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/101-ways-to-get-out-of-the-cubicle-and-into-your-life-by-guest-writer-and-life-coach-janet-whitehead/

This’ll be an empowering step for you….


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